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Apologetics Institute for Contemporary Issues

The mission of the Apologetics Institute for Contemporary Issues is to provide a focus on issues that impact Christianity today that may not be in traditional Christian education curriculums. This focus will include specialized courses, additional resources and forums for discussion. Some aspects will be available only to those who are part of TBU while others will be available to everyone. 

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Desiderius Erasmus

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William Tyndale

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Jesus is a young-Earth creationist

I – Defense of the Promised Preserved Inerrant Bible Institute

Dean: Dr. Christopher P. Sherburne

The mission of the Defense of the Promised Preserved Inerrant Bible Institute is to provide an educational and intellectual forum for the continued and necessary use of the Masoretic Text (Hebrew Old Testament) and the Textus Receptus (Greek New Testament) as the one and only truly preserved Word of God.

Institute I Resources

Enough!!! The New King James Bible: Do We Need It?

Holy Bible: Quadri-Centennial 1611-2011 (Updated English)

Revision Revised: Point for point rebuttal of the Critical Text

II – Literal Genesis Institute