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The T.B.U. Korea campus is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in teaching, writing and practice of ministry.

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Vocational Diversity

In order to meet the demand of the church today, the board of directors and faculty of TBU Korea take seriously the apostolic description of the church’s nature one body, many members. Therefore all the programs of TBU Korea are designed to provide for a wide range of Christian training and ministry opportunities.

TBU Korea Campus Staff and Faculty

Vice-Chancellor: William B. Yoo, Th.D., Ph.D.

Administrative Secretary: Hyun Cho, D.B.S.


  • Yong-Kuk Wone, Th.D. - Biblical Archaeology
  • Sang-bong Nam, Th.D. - Systematic Theology
  • Kyu-chul Jang, D.B.S. - Biblical Structure
  • Hyun Cho, D.B.S. - Ministry
  • Christina Kim, D.C.C. – Christian Counseling

TBU Korea Programs

Associate of Biblical Studies (A.B.S.), Associates of Christian Counseling (A.C.C), Associate of Christian Education (A.C.Ed.), Associate of Ministry (A.Min), Associate of Theology (A.Th.) Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S), Bachelor of Christian Counseling (B.C.C), Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.Ed.), Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.), Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.), Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S), Master of Christian Counseling (M.C.C.), Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.) Master of Ministry (M.Min.), Master of Theology (M.Th.), Doctor of Biblical Studies (D.B.S.), Doctor of Christian Counseling (D.C.C.), Doctor of Christian Education (D.C.Ed.), Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)


TBU Application

To request a TBU application, go to the “Contact Us” webpage on the TBU website (http://tbuworldwide.com/contact.php). Fill in the fields and then, in the Comments and Questions section, request an application along with any additional comments or information such as your field of interest.

Life and Ministry Experiences

TBU evaluates life and ministry experience for university credit. You may be asked to submit a formal, complete and professional resume’ describing all your career experience and positions held. Include any formal or informal training that was related to your employment (important for life experience credit).

Degrees Already Earned and Additional Transfer Credits

TBU evaluates degrees earned and transfer credit from other institutions of higher education as documented in transcripts.