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Admission to TBU

Class Locations

There are three ways a student can do TBU courses:

  1. Online courses are available to students worldwide.
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  2. Affiliated schools around the world have TBU programs in a classroom setting.
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  3. TBU classes are organized in local churches, schools, and institutions,
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Academic Policies

Advanced Placement
Triune’s advanced placement policy takes into account the following:

  1. Matriculation based on transcripts from other colleges or universities of higher education.
  2. Life Experience Resume’ evaluation for credits.
  3. Examination and Course Challenges for credits.





Excellent 90 -  100 A 4 grade points
Good 80 -  89 B 3 grade points
Fair 70 -  79 C 2 grade points
Poor 60 -  69 D 1 grade points
Unacceptable 0 -  59 F 0 grade points

Academic Probation

A student may be placed on academic probation for one full semester if one of the following occurs:

  1. Failure to turn in course work for one full semester.
  2. Failure to pay tuition payments for one full semester.
  3. If grade point average for a semester drops below 2.0

After a student has been on academic probation for one full semester, he/she will be given an inactive status.  The student must re-apply to TBU by submitting a new application and pay the charges pending.

Christian Standards

TBU expects all members of it’s community to live with wholesome Christian character and standards.  Flagrant disregard for such standards is proper concern of both students and faculty.