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Associate of Ministry (A.M.)

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B-100-4  OT Survey I

An introduction to the Old Testament from Genesis to Job. Special emphasis will be placed upon God’s promises and the early history of Israel.

B-101-4  OT Survey II

A continuation of Old Testament Survey, completing the Old Testament. Special emphasis will be placed on the prophetic utterances and their relationship to Christ.

B-110-4  NT Survey I

A Survey of the New Testament from Matthew to Acts with emphasis on the life of Christ, the early church and the society of the time.

B-111-4  NT Survey II

A continuation of New Testament Survey, completing the NT. Special emphasis will be placed on Paul’s life as a missionary to the Gentiles.

B-120-4  Hermeneutics

This course deals with the understanding of the different types of the literature (the genres) that make up the Bible. By learning the principals of Hermeneutics the student will also learn to do good exegesis of scripture passages.

M-100-2  Personal Evangelism

A look at how we can give away our faith through personal evangelism.

M-120-2  Domestic Violence

A study of the counseling situation in regard to domestic violence.

M-350-4  Methods In Ministry

The course examines the methods of dealing with ministry.

Elective Subjects: plus 32 credit hours.