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Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S.)

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Associate Degree requirements plus those listed below for a particular degree field.

B-340-4  A Study In John

A study of the Gospel of John

B-375-4  Ephesians Project

An inductive study of the Book of Ephesians.

T-340-4  Ecclesiology

This course examines Ecclesiology.

B-430-2  Wisdom Literature

This course covers the wisdom books of Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

T-460-4  Bibliology

A comprehensive guide to the authority and inspiration of the Bible

M-540-4  Church History

A look at the history of the church.

A-590-4  Biblical Philosophy

This course offers an introduction into the philosophical issues that faces all defenders of the Christian faith.

T-610-4  Biblical Prophecy

Covers the most important prophecies of the Bible and explains what is happening today.

Elective Subjects: plus 32 credit hours.