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Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.Ed.)

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Associate Degree requirements plus those listed below for a particular degree field.

CE-300-2  The Christian Leader

A Study of Christian leadership.

CE-301-2  Basics Of Christian Education

A Study of the basics of Christian education.

CE-302-2  The Christian Student

A Study of the how to deal with students in a Christian setting.

CE-304-2  The Church’s Educational Ministry

Working in a church educational program.

CE-310-4  Philosophy Of Christian Education

Introduces the student to the various elements involved in the field of Christian Education.

M-440-4  Church History I

A look at the history of the church from apostolic times to 1517 A.D.

M-441-4  Church History II

A continuation of Church History I covering the time period from 1517 to 1980 A.D.

T-450-4  Christology

The person, works and attributes of Jesus Christ are examined. Each student will develop a personalized viewpoint of Christ’s total nature.

T-460-4  Bibliology

A comprehensive guide to the authority and inspiration of the Bible

CC-540-4  Adolescent Counseling

This in an in-depth study into different aspects of counseling in his/her family.

Elective Subjects: plus 32 credit hours.