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A-210-2  The God Of The Bible

Central teachings of the Christian faith regarding the knowledge of God.

A-220-4  Apologetics

A systematic defense of the essential teachings of the Christian faith.

A-230-4  Creationism

In this course the major arguments in favor of the creation model and those for and against the evolutionary model are examined.

A-580-4  The Kenosis

The doctrine of Jesus Christ (Christology) is taught in this course.

A-590-4  Biblical Philosophy

This course offers an introduction into the philosophical issues that faces all defenders of the Christian faith.

AB-500-4  Story Of The Bible

A popular account of how the Bible came to us.

AB-501-4  The Canon and Ancient Versions

A study of the various ancient versions of the Bible.

AB-502-2  The Canon Of The New Testament

A study of the elements, processes and methods involved in the canonization of the books of the New Testament.

AB-503-2  The Old Testament Canon and Apocrypha

A study of the Old Testament books and how they were selected for canonization.

AB-504-2  The Formation Of the Canon Of The New Testament

A study dealing with the various writings of the New Testament era and how the books became canonized.

AB-505-2  History Of Creeds and Confessions

This course deals with the confessions, creeds and statements of faith developed by the Church.