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Christian Education

CE-100-4  Christian Education I

This course teaches the historical flow of philosophical thought from a Christian point of view.

CE-101-4  Christian Education II

A continuation of Christian Education.

CE-200-4  Instructional Strategies

Principles of teaching are discussed in this course.

CE-220-2  Motivation I

This course deals with the shaping of the child and how to deal with the strong willed child.

CE-221-2  Motivation II

A look at how the building of self-esteem relates to the development process.

CE-230-4  Home Teaching

A study of the basic techniques of home teaching.

CE-300-2  The Christian Leader

A Study of Christian leadership.

CE-301-2  Basics Of Christian Education

A Study of the basics of Christian education.

CE-302-2  The Christian Student

A Study of the how to deal with students in a Christian setting.

CE-304-2  The Church’s Educational Ministry

Working in a church educational program.

CE-310-4  Philosophy Of Christian Education

Introduces the student to the various elements involved in the field of Christian Education.

CE-501-4  Biblical Christian Education

Basics in biblical Christian education.

CE-510-4  Foundations Of Christian Education I

The foundations of Christian education is the subject of study for this course.

CE-520-4  Foundations Of Christian Education II

The foundations of Christian education is continued in this course.