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Ministry Courses

M-100-2  Personal Evangelism

A look at how we can give away our faith through personal evangelism.

M-120-2  Domestic Violence

A study of the counseling situation in regard to domestic violence.

M-200-2  The Holy Spirit In The Church Today

This is an in-depth study of how the Holy Spirit works within the body of Christ today.

M-300-4  Prayer

A study on the subject of prayer.

M-310-2  Intro. To Church Ministries

Equipping the church to be truly Christian in a non-Christian world.

M-320-2  Principles Of Worship

This course deals with what we need to learn about progression, flow, style and rhythm in the worship service.

M-330-2  Suffering For Christ

Takes the student through the various trials and sufferings that he will be exposed to.

M-350-4  Methods In Ministry

The course examines the methods of dealing with ministry.

M-360-4  Life Style Evangelism

Developing a life style which cultivates relationships with people who need to be introduced to Christ.

M-400-4  Challenge Of Missions

This course attempts to portray a proper understanding of Christ’s global mission challenge to His Church.

M-410-4  Discipleship

A study of apostolic Discipleship.

M-430-4  Christian Ethics

The rights, responsibilities and problems of both students and teacher will be investigated and possible insights will be generated by the student.

M-440-4  Church History I

A look at the history of the church from apostolic times to 1517 A.D.

M-441-4  Church History II

A continuation of Church History I covering the time period from 1517 to 1980 A.D.

M-460-4  Communication & Managing The Church

An Introduction to the concepts of good communications and Church management

M-500-4  Homiletics I

An introduction to the techniques and methods used in sermon preparation and delivery.

M-510-4  Homiletics II

Students will be required to prepare sermons using the techniques learned in Homiletics I, focusing on the NT Scripture.

M-520-4  Church Administration

The Christian organization is examined from the standpoint of management. Principles of leadership and management are discussed.

M-540-4  Church History

A look at the history of the church.

M-580-4  The Kenosis

The doctrine of Jesus Christ (Christology) is taught in this course.

M-590-4  Biblical Philosophy

This course offers an introduction into the philosophical issues that faces all defenders of the Christian faith.