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Theology Courses

T-100-4  Basic Christian Theology (Soteriology)

An examination of the essential truths of the Christian faith.

T-102-4  Anthropology (Theological Perspective)

The development of an anthropology which focuses on Bible cultures.

T-103-3  Bible Study Principles

This course deals with elements of interpretation.

T-200-2  The Holy Spirit In The Church Today

An in-depth study of how the Holy Spirit works within the body of Christ today.

T-201-2  The Holy Spirit In Counseling

An introduction to pastoral counseling which includes the role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling.

T-203-2  The Holy Spirit In Teaching

This course provides an understanding of the Holy Spirit and His role in the teaching-learning process.

T-300-3  Prayer

A study on the subject of prayer.

T-310-4  Systematic Theology I

A study of the discovery of systematizing and presentation of the truths about God.

T-320-4  Systematic Theology II

A continuation of Systematic Theology.

T-330-4  Systematic Theology III

A continuation of Systematic Theology

T-340-4  Ecclesiology

This course examines Ecclesiology.

T-400-4  Hermeneutics

An introduction into the process of in-depth study of the Scriptures.

T-410-4  Christian Apologetics

A study of Methodology, Theistic Apologetic, and Christian Apologetics.

T-450-4  Christology

The person, works and attributes of Jesus Christ are examined. Each student will develop a personalized viewpoint of Christ’s total nature.

T-460-4  Bibliology

A comprehensive guide to the authority and inspiration of the Bible

T-500-4  Theology I

This course examines the doctrines of Bibliology, Theology, and Christology.

T-510-4  Theology II

This course examines the doctrines of Pneumatology, Anthropology, Harmatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Angelology and Eschatology.

T-600-4  Hermeneutics & Prophecy

An examination of hermeneutics and prophetic studies.

T-610-4  Biblical Prophecy

Covers the most important prophecies of the Bible and explains what is happening today.

T-620-4  Biblical Anthropology

The development of an anthropology which focuses on Bible cultures.

CT-501-4  Contemporary Theology I

The purpose of this course is to take a look at some of the critical issues in contemporary theology.

CT-502-4  Contemporary Theology II

A continuation of material in Contemporary Theology I

CT-503-4  A Look At Issues Which Divide The Church

Such as the issue of tongues and the issue of the gifts.